Disability and Your Rights

Tenants in California are protected from discrimination in many areas. Anti-discrimination laws mean that a property owner or manager cannot treat one tenant differently from another based on the first tenant’s belonging to a protected category or group. Some examples of discrimination are: offering identical apartments at different prices based on tenants’ statuses as members…

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Repairs and Habitability (Part 1)

In California, landlords enter into something called an "implied warranty of habitability" when they sign a lease with you. This means they promise that the home you're renting meets California's requirements on buildings built for people to live in. These requirements are written in the California Civil Code Section 1941.1 and Health and Safety Code…

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The California Tenant Protection Act

The California Tenant Protection Act of 2019 provides a statewide rent cap + just cause eviction protections for certain tenants. Find out if you are covered under the Act and how the provisions of the Act protect you.

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Security Deposit

Information about your rights in regards to security deposits.The landlord or property manager must return the deposit (minus any deductions) within 21 days of move out. They must also include an itemized list showing what the withheld portion of the deposit was spent on.

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