Have you seen our fliers? Each flier comes with information about tenants rights, historical figures, or housing facts. Our first flier contains information about the tenants’ right to repairs, which includes damp walls, leaks, peeling paint, mold, pests, broken windows, unsafe stairways, defective electrical systems, and more.

Sample Letters

The best way to communicate with your landlord is in writing through certified mail. We have dozens of letter templates regarding all tenants rights issues. Our counselors can help you write and format your letter using the appropriate civil codes & with the proper documentation.

Infographic: The Large Rent Increase Ordinance

*The Large Rent Increase Ordinance only affects tenants in the City of Santa Cruz and retroactively applies to all notices since November 27, 2018.

Click here for an FAQ sheet on the Large Rent Increase Ordinance, provided by the City of Santa Cruz.