Privacy and Your Right to Quiet Enjoyment

The apartment, house, or room that you rent is your home and you have the right to treat it as such. The law imposes specific obligations on landlords to avoid disrupting tenants’ use of their rentals in certain ways. In some cases, the law also requires landlords to remove or lessen disruptions. Read ahead to…

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Can My Landlord Evict Me to Make Renovations?

Most multi-unit rentals are protected by a law called the California Tenant Protection Act. Under the TPA, there are two cases in which a property owner can end your tenancy to remodel your home. - If they plan to do work which requires a permit from a government agency, such as major plumbing, electrical, or…

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Repairs and Habitability (Part 3)

Riskier Methods to Get Repairs Made If methods for getting repairs made in Part 2 do not solve your issues, there are other rights you have available to address habitability problems. Before pursuing these options, we recommend exercising caution - especially if the repair issues are minor - and consulting an attorney. We also recommending…

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Repairs and Habitability (Part 2)

Addressing Habitability Issues If you’re facing any of the habitability issues mentioned in Part 1, you have a right to request that your landlord fix them. Many people are concerned about facing rent increases or eviction after requesting repairs, which is understandable. As a reminder, it is illegal for your landlord to end your tenancy…

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Renter Protections After the End of the “Eviction Moratorium” (10/1/21)

Even though the “eviction moratorium” in California expired on September 30, renters who have suffered economic impacts because of the Covid-19 pandemic still have some protections against eviction. The protections are different depending on when you were unable to pay your rent. There are 3 distinct periods of different protections AND there is still money…

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Disability and Your Rights

Tenants in California are protected from discrimination in many areas. Anti-discrimination laws mean that a property owner or manager cannot treat one tenant differently from another based on the first tenant’s belonging to a protected category or group. Some examples of discrimination are: offering identical apartments at different prices based on tenants’ statuses as members…

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Repairs and Habitability (Part 1)

What is Habitability? In California, landlords enter into something called an “implied warranty of habitability” when they sign a lease with you (Hinson v. Delis). This means they promise that the home you’re renting is safe, livable, and meets California’s requirements on buildings built for people to live in. Landlords are required to keep the…

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The California Tenant Protection Act

The California Tenant Protection Act of 2019 provides a statewide rent cap + just cause eviction protections for certain tenants. Find out if you are covered under the Act and how the provisions of the Act protect you.

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Security Deposit

Information about your rights in regards to security deposits.The landlord or property manager must return the deposit (minus any deductions) within 21 days of move out. They must also include an itemized list showing what the withheld portion of the deposit was spent on.

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